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Jimmy Cross 


A 20 + year veteran and a student of Cal Arts Institute, James started his professional animation career at Saban Entertainment and DIC Entertainment as a development artist helping both animation studios create successful animation series and establishing himself as a talented and diverse artist. James moved over to Fox Kids where he further honed his craft, working with several distinguished veteran producers. While at Fox Kids and Warner Brothers, James developed and directed his own projects in addition to storyboarding and designing for several established brands. He's worked for many clients including the NFL (Helped in creating the NFL RUSHZONE), Mcdonalds, Scketchers, Olymics, Coleco, Sprout, Disney and ABC Mouse. He also is the creator of the preschool series, IT'S MONKEY TIME! where he produced and directed under his label, Semaj Entertainment.  James is passionate about giving back to his community by speaking to kids and helping young artists find their voice in animation.  He's also the father of four with his wonderful wife!

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